Tuesday, February 20, 2007

PM John Howard: where is your blog?

David Cameron, the UK's Tory leader, has started a blog. As the FT writer, Gideon Rachman, points out, when the world's least fashionable political party discovers a social trend, it is surely a sign that it is peaking. Ferenc Gyurcsany, Prime Minister of Hungary, posts new comments on his blog most days - sometimes twice a day. Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, President of Iran, has a blog. Of course Hillary Clinton has a blog. Segolene Royal, the French Socialist party nominee for president, has a blog. Lionel Jospin, former French PM and one time aspiring presidential candidate, has a blog. As pointed out to me by GoodToBeWithYou, Australia's alternative PM, (and now our preferred PM according to the latest Newspoll), Kevin Rudd, already has a blog.

So where is our John Howard? Is he going to be the last world leader to dive into the blogosphere? Or maybe he just doesn't have the ticker?


GoodToBeWithYou said...

Wake up Australia,
has been going for weeks. Enjoy.

Sincerely, GoodToBeWithYou

Nick Goodwin said...

I think I know why John Howard doesn't have a blog - he doesn't need it. He can fill football stadiums with people that vote for him (see http://www.pm.gov.au/news/speeches/speech2378.html) - why would he bother blogging with those who don't?