Thursday, February 22, 2007

Australian Conservation Foundation likes coal

Tonight I met David Noonan, a nuclear free campaigner with the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF). He told me a very interesting thing about the ACF's energy policy. The ACF disagrees with The Greens' position that the coal industry should be shut down by government due to its huge carbon footprint. The ACF believes that a national emissions trading scheme should be introduced and that coal should have to compete in that system like every other industry. For more detail, check out the ACF climate change policy here.

Their key points on why the ACF are against new uranium mines are as follows:
  • Uranium fails the test on exports and on public opinion;
  • Uranium is a high risk marginal export compared to the future of renewables;
  • Increasing the risk of proliferation of nuclear weapons and of nuclear terrorism;
  • Disproportionate impacts on indigenous communities;
  • Failure of government regulation and corporate performance; and
  • Pressure for nuclear waste dumping increases on Australia.
Again, for the stats and detail to back it up - go to the ACF site on a nuclear free Australia.

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Nick Goodwin said...

I heard from Richard Hanson at Greenpeace that Greenpeace recently released a global energy outlook

In the outlook it shows how by increasing energy efficiency and
replacing coal power station with renewables or decentralised gas power stations, we can reduce global emissions by 50% by 2050. Worth a look.